Thursday, May 12, 2016

What is the management?

This is the first article we published on the website . As the website address this, the first article we discussed is what is management? Why should about management before we discuss? Because, like we want to build automated home we have to build the foundation first. That is, that we are strong on basic management, so it will be easier to accept another material.kerja online

Management is an art to arrange something, either people or occupation. This means that management is a process undertaken to achieve an objective of an organization by working as a team. In an application to have the subject and object management. The subjects are people who set up while the object is arranged.

Management is a science that is very wide, even unclear origins of this science started there. Because the science of management is the science is very useful not only in business but also in the science of everyday life.

Definition of Management By Etymology
In language, or etymology management excerpted from Old French language is Menagement which means it is an art to implement and regulate. Of origin he alone can we guess that the management is an art. Why art? Simple, because if we've entered the world of management, we will discover its beauty. Is not it beautiful art?kerja sampingan

Then where lies the beauty? Indeed, art is relative. But we have the same assumption that anything organized, neat, and beautifully structured. A simple example is the branch of a tree. It ran twigs grow irregularly, but lack teraturannya it regularly so as to create a thing of beauty. Another example is the batik patterns. Most batik, it's "only" such as scratches image that is not patterned. However, irregularities in the batik patterns regularly, forming a beauty or "art".

So what to do with management? Remember the above definition, it aims to regulate management. Logically management there to organize something that has not been regular. Or look for regularities in an irregularity and thus creating a new pattern.manajemen keuangan

Definition of Management According to Experts
"Management is an art, each of each job can be completed with others" Mary Parker F.

"Management is a container in science, so that management can be proven in general truth." George R. Terry

"Management is in the process of making a plan, pengorganisisasian, control and direct the usahda of members of the entity / organization and also make use of all available resources to achieve the goals set" Stoner
Well that was the understanding of the management, if they would like to ask please fill in the comment box.