Thursday, May 12, 2016

What is Concept of Customer Satisfaction?

By late this attention to customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction increases. The more you pay attention to customer satisfaction as consumers, consumerist, and consumer behavior researchers. It will also benefit the consumers to which producers are giving out memelih good service to consumers. But not many people who use the survey results to deceive customers, in a way that surveying has been working with manufacturers. But in this discussion is not going to discuss about it, but the concept of customer satisfaction with the services or products of the company.

At this time the competition is getting tougher, where a growing number of manufacturers involved in meeting the needs of consumers. See it now how many companies are now engaged in a self-service, so that each company putting customer's satisfaction as its main purpose to be able to gain sympathy or customer.

This we can see a lot of companies that include customer satisfaction in the mission and its ads. Because customer satisfaction is believed to be a key element in terms of winning the competition is getting tighter. Due to customer satisfaction does not rule out the possibility that customers would be loyal to the company even can also give advice to other people to buy the product at the same company.contoh laporan keuangan

According Schnaars (1991) basically the only business establishment aims to create satisfied customers. The creation of satisfied customers can provide several benefits, such as customer loyalty to the product sold by the company, the creation of a harmonious relationship between the customer and the company, and the company benefit from consumers who recommended through word of mouth. According to experts beberpa satisfaction or tidakpuasan have the berdebada but basically the same, the following figures which point about customer satisfaction or tidakpuasan:

Day (in Tse and Wilton 1988) expressed the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of customers is the customer response to the evaluation of the perceived mismatch anatara prior expectations and actual performance product that is felt after application.
Wilkie (1990) defines eabagai suatau emotional response to the experience of consumption sutu tehadap evaluation of products or services.
Engel, et al. (1990) states that the customer satisfaction evaluation erupakan purnabeli where the chosen alternative sekurng least equal or exceed customer expectations, while dissatisfaction arise if the results are not mememnuhi expectations.pengertian akuntansi

Kotler, et al (1996) pointed out that customer satisfaction is the level of one's feelings after comparing the performance he felt bandig expectations.
From the figures put forward some definitions, it can be kesimpulkan that complacency is the difference between expectations and perceived performance or results.

In evaluating the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of customers to the company's products have a number of factors. The following factors dikemukana by Garvin (in Lovelock, 1994; Peppard and Rowland, 1995) there are several factors used to evaluate the satisfaction of manufacturing products, namely:siklus akuntansi

POKO opersai Performance characteristics of the purchased product
The characteristics or additional feature of the product purchased
The reliability of the product
Suitability with spesifiksi
Kualitasa perceived
That was a little about the concept of customer satisfaction, according to some experts. Hopefully can provide benefits for so much and I'll see you there next article thanks.