Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to Manage a Business with Simple?

Assalamualaikum. In two articles before I have discussed the notion of management and business sense . Why am I at the beginning of the article discusses two things? Because it is a basic 2 us to discuss material that higher levels.

To be honest I did not have a high capacity to write about management and business, but I try to share my knowledge so far as a practitioner of Internet Marketing. Ok, go directly to the topic of discussion.

Many people argue that if you want to advance and large businesses, the management should be good, that statement is absolutely true. Because it otherwise has managed well the business cycle will not be able to spin smoothly, unstable financial cash flow, balance sheet lopsided, it is the things that could happen if the business is not has managed well.strategi pemasaran

However, the management of a business is also relative. That is, it can not be implemented disembarang type of business. Because, if a business is wrong in terms of management it is likely that the business will be difficult to develop. As an example, we can not equate the business management between national large-scale enterprise with a startup company due course in startups that are too complex management is not really needed.

As I have explained previously diartikel, management is an art or beauty. That is, the art is relative depending on the place, or object / subject that vote. To be able to apply good management to our business units, we must become familiar with our business model was like. Because, if we do not know very well the business units we likely we will miscalculations in the process of our business, as a result of internal problems occur that result in decreased business performance.

Then, how to start a business management?
The next question is how do we get started? Business is not a definite hall 100% right can be theorized. Because in business experience and relationships that are most important. Because of the experience that we can really know what type of management is suitable for us to apply in our business.

Product management
To manage the initial product is the most important thing, why? Simple, because it's what our products are selling to consumers. If not in the management well then how we can sell well to consumers? Then how to manage the products that we have?cara membuat instagram

My experience at the beginning of building an online business is to make a list of the super complete, because I'm not a producer then we take products from several suppliers. We list the goods from the supplier, we make a list of prices before and after we raise. That so the question is whether it is right?

What I did may have been very precise, but the fact is less precise. Why? Simple, because I had not yet require a complex management system as it is. I too spent to make the list as complete, and I forget the one thing that is MARKETING. However good the management that we make when marketing is not the way ya be USELESS.

Therefore, my advice if you're starting a business, especially young children should not take too dizzy to make complex business management. Simply make a simple management, because what? Because, at the beginning of our business thrive the most important thing is to develop products not developing its management.

human Resource management
In conducting the business of people or the people involved in it are is paramount, impossible business there if humans did not exist. Because of that, when the early start a business or make the effort to make the management of people that are inside that's important.

Then how memanajemennya? Managing human need high level of art, why? Simple! Due to the nature of each person is different, different character, because that treatment of each person is different. It is important you become a good leader, which is able to increase the desire for your members to always follow the instructions you give. They obey, respect, not out of fear but because it was supposed to.

For the beginning of building a business, it is important in determining who became leader. Because of what? If you do not have a leader from the start, then the cycle in the business would not be able to run smoothly. Because certainly the efforts of each member is different, because that needs to be someone who is able to control the performance, that can still run on the right track.

I own at the time of writing this article status as UI / UX Designer in a software house which is quite large in Indonesia. However, outside of the main job, I also studied at the Department of Mathematics at a university in Yogyakarta, and also build a start-up company with four of my friends. Why do I do it? Why not focus on one thing at a time? The answer is simple! Because I want to learn!contoh laporan keuangan

In college I was taught to solve a problem in a systematic way because I was studying mathematics. There, I learned how to tracing or "stripped" a problem until as much detail as, it is very important if applied in a business, organization, or resolve any issue / problem solving. Because understanding a problem in more detail will allow us to finish it.

Then why am I also work? Why not focus on start-ups only? Simple! Because, I want to learn to manage a big company! Knowledge I had acquired in the company of course I will not get on campus, and vice versa. That is why I want to learn how to recruit employees, managing employees, determining the salaries, determine the selling price of a product, and that's all I apply in start-ups that I wake up now.

That's why I live 2 it (school and work) at the same time, because it really can cut the time that I needed to learn. So, to be able to manage people surely you must memili leader skill. You should be able to excite your members to work, you must be a friend and a respected leader not feared.pengertian akuntansi

It does require a very long process, because that should never stop learning. Especially if you are still in his 20s years, do not be pretentious idealistic to not want to be employees, while there is still light to do whatever needs to be done. Being an employee is not bad, because it becomes our employees can also "learn" to manage the company, in addition to our study we also paid. Tasty is not it? So waiting for?

Hopefully I inspire, if there are suggestions, critiques, or comments please fill dikolom comment below. 🙂 Thank you, Wassalamualaikum.