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What is the management?

This is the first article we published on the website . As the website address this, the first article we discussed is what is management? Why should about management before we discuss? Because, like we want to build automated home we have to build the foundation first. That is, that we are strong on basic management, so it will be easier to accept another material.kerja online

Management is an art to arrange something, either people or occupation. This means that management is a process undertaken to achieve an objective of an organization by working as a team. In an application to have the subject and object management. The subjects are people who set up while the object is arranged.

Management is a science that is very wide, even unclear origins of this science started there. Because the science of management is the science is very useful not only in business but also in the science of everyday life.

Definition of Management By Etymology
In language, or etymology management excerpted from Old French language is Menagement which means it is an art to implement and regulate. Of origin he alone can we guess that the management is an art. Why art? Simple, because if we've entered the world of management, we will discover its beauty. Is not it beautiful art?kerja sampingan

Then where lies the beauty? Indeed, art is relative. But we have the same assumption that anything organized, neat, and beautifully structured. A simple example is the branch of a tree. It ran twigs grow irregularly, but lack teraturannya it regularly so as to create a thing of beauty. Another example is the batik patterns. Most batik, it's "only" such as scratches image that is not patterned. However, irregularities in the batik patterns regularly, forming a beauty or "art".

So what to do with management? Remember the above definition, it aims to regulate management. Logically management there to organize something that has not been regular. Or look for regularities in an irregularity and thus creating a new pattern.manajemen keuangan

Definition of Management According to Experts
"Management is an art, each of each job can be completed with others" Mary Parker F.

"Management is a container in science, so that management can be proven in general truth." George R. Terry

"Management is in the process of making a plan, pengorganisisasian, control and direct the usahda of members of the entity / organization and also make use of all available resources to achieve the goals set" Stoner
Well that was the understanding of the management, if they would like to ask please fill in the comment box.

How to Manage a Business with Simple?

Assalamualaikum. In two articles before I have discussed the notion of management and business sense . Why am I at the beginning of the article discusses two things? Because it is a basic 2 us to discuss material that higher levels.

To be honest I did not have a high capacity to write about management and business, but I try to share my knowledge so far as a practitioner of Internet Marketing. Ok, go directly to the topic of discussion.

Many people argue that if you want to advance and large businesses, the management should be good, that statement is absolutely true. Because it otherwise has managed well the business cycle will not be able to spin smoothly, unstable financial cash flow, balance sheet lopsided, it is the things that could happen if the business is not has managed well.strategi pemasaran

However, the management of a business is also relative. That is, it can not be implemented disembarang type of business. Because, if a business is wrong in terms of management it is likely that the business will be difficult to develop. As an example, we can not equate the business management between national large-scale enterprise with a startup company due course in startups that are too complex management is not really needed.

As I have explained previously diartikel, management is an art or beauty. That is, the art is relative depending on the place, or object / subject that vote. To be able to apply good management to our business units, we must become familiar with our business model was like. Because, if we do not know very well the business units we likely we will miscalculations in the process of our business, as a result of internal problems occur that result in decreased business performance.

Then, how to start a business management?
The next question is how do we get started? Business is not a definite hall 100% right can be theorized. Because in business experience and relationships that are most important. Because of the experience that we can really know what type of management is suitable for us to apply in our business.

Product management
To manage the initial product is the most important thing, why? Simple, because it's what our products are selling to consumers. If not in the management well then how we can sell well to consumers? Then how to manage the products that we have?cara membuat instagram

My experience at the beginning of building an online business is to make a list of the super complete, because I'm not a producer then we take products from several suppliers. We list the goods from the supplier, we make a list of prices before and after we raise. That so the question is whether it is right?

What I did may have been very precise, but the fact is less precise. Why? Simple, because I had not yet require a complex management system as it is. I too spent to make the list as complete, and I forget the one thing that is MARKETING. However good the management that we make when marketing is not the way ya be USELESS.

Therefore, my advice if you're starting a business, especially young children should not take too dizzy to make complex business management. Simply make a simple management, because what? Because, at the beginning of our business thrive the most important thing is to develop products not developing its management.

human Resource management
In conducting the business of people or the people involved in it are is paramount, impossible business there if humans did not exist. Because of that, when the early start a business or make the effort to make the management of people that are inside that's important.

Then how memanajemennya? Managing human need high level of art, why? Simple! Due to the nature of each person is different, different character, because that treatment of each person is different. It is important you become a good leader, which is able to increase the desire for your members to always follow the instructions you give. They obey, respect, not out of fear but because it was supposed to.

For the beginning of building a business, it is important in determining who became leader. Because of what? If you do not have a leader from the start, then the cycle in the business would not be able to run smoothly. Because certainly the efforts of each member is different, because that needs to be someone who is able to control the performance, that can still run on the right track.

I own at the time of writing this article status as UI / UX Designer in a software house which is quite large in Indonesia. However, outside of the main job, I also studied at the Department of Mathematics at a university in Yogyakarta, and also build a start-up company with four of my friends. Why do I do it? Why not focus on one thing at a time? The answer is simple! Because I want to learn!contoh laporan keuangan

In college I was taught to solve a problem in a systematic way because I was studying mathematics. There, I learned how to tracing or "stripped" a problem until as much detail as, it is very important if applied in a business, organization, or resolve any issue / problem solving. Because understanding a problem in more detail will allow us to finish it.

Then why am I also work? Why not focus on start-ups only? Simple! Because, I want to learn to manage a big company! Knowledge I had acquired in the company of course I will not get on campus, and vice versa. That is why I want to learn how to recruit employees, managing employees, determining the salaries, determine the selling price of a product, and that's all I apply in start-ups that I wake up now.

That's why I live 2 it (school and work) at the same time, because it really can cut the time that I needed to learn. So, to be able to manage people surely you must memili leader skill. You should be able to excite your members to work, you must be a friend and a respected leader not feared.pengertian akuntansi

It does require a very long process, because that should never stop learning. Especially if you are still in his 20s years, do not be pretentious idealistic to not want to be employees, while there is still light to do whatever needs to be done. Being an employee is not bad, because it becomes our employees can also "learn" to manage the company, in addition to our study we also paid. Tasty is not it? So waiting for?

Hopefully I inspire, if there are suggestions, critiques, or comments please fill dikolom comment below. 🙂 Thank you, Wassalamualaikum.

3 Strategies Strategies in Business

term strategy is derived from the Greek strategeia (stratos = army, and ag = lead), which has the sense of art or science of being a general. This concept is suitable anciently frequent wars, where the generals needed to lead to always win the war. In this case the strategy can be interpreted as a draft distribution and use of military force in these areas to achieve certain goals.siklus akuntansi

The concept was adapted to military strategy in the business world, for example the concept of Sun tzui, Hannibal, and Carl von Clausewitz. In the world of business strategies to draw business direction following the developments and as a guideline for optimizing all of which are owned by the company or organization. Because every organization has limited resources and different objectives and therefore every organization has a different strategy. While these organizations have the same goal but yet tebtu resources owned by the same vice versa. The strategies used by these organizations as they face the following situations (Jain, 1990):

Resources are limited.
Uncertainty organizations to compete.
Commitment of resources can not be changed lai.
Decisions must be coordinated among parts all the time.
There is uncertainty regarding the control of the initiative.
According to Stoner, Freeman and Gilbert, Jr. (1995), the concept of this strategy can be divided into two according to different perspectives, namely (1) from the perspective of what the organization would like to do, and (2) the perspective of what the organization is finally done.

According to the first perspective, the strategy can be interpreted as a program to obtain the objectives of organisasdi and also how to do or to obtain these goals. In this strategy has meant that the manager has an akftif role, conscious and rational in formulating strategies organanisasi. This strategy is widely used in the environment is always changing and turbulent environment.

While the second perspective, the strategy defined response or the response of the organization to the environment all the time. Each organization must pnya strategy to achieve its objectives, the strategy miskipun never explicitly formulated. This strategy is implemented for managers who are reactive, that is only in responding and adapting to the environment passively when needed.cara membuat email

The statement explicitly strategy is the key to success for face parubahan business environment. The strategy provides a clear direction for each member of the organization to achieve organizational goals. If the concept of this strategy is not clear, there will be a commotion among the members of the organization. And also the decision to decide the issue would only be subjective or based on intuition and ignore Hanaya other decisions. Whereas a strategy taken by carefully considering all the issues to be addressed to obtain organizational goals.

According to Hayes and Wheelwright (1984 in Stoner, Freeman and Gilbert, Jr. 1995) of a company, there are three levels of strategy, namely:

1.Strategi Business in Corporate Level
The strategy formulated by the management in the highest governing all activities and operations of the company that memeiliki more than one business unit. Because the manager here will formulate all the basics of the company as a business what should companies do, target and goal for each business unit? How to optimize the resources or assets to achieve corporate goals

2. Business Strategy at Level Business Unit
This strategy is more directed to the management and operation of certain businesses. More appropriate strategy is used to determine how that will be used by a business tehadap Tergat to run the market and the way to utilize the assets dimiki under certain market conditions. Pokonya discussion is how the business will compete, services or products to be sold, the target consumer, pendistribusain resources.
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3. Business Strategy at Level Functional
This strategy is in terms of management functions (such as research and development, finance, production, operations, marketing, hr, etc) to support the strategy of the business unit level. Example if the level of the business unit level strategies have a new product to be marketed, the marketing team will conduct a campaign to market the product bariu so they can be sold.

Generally this strategy in more detail and also have short term. The purpose of the development of this strategy is to communicate and determine the measures to achieve short-term goals.

Concept Marketing How To Succeed?

Every management has contributed to the current strategic planning. Marketing has the greatest role tehadap external environment (consumer), whereas a company only has a bit of the external control. Therefore marketing has an important perananan in pengembagang strategy. Marketing has a role to covers every effort to achieve conformity between companies and consumers to provide remedies to consider two main issues.bisnis rumahan

First, what kind of business will be done today and also the type of business that will be accessible in the future.
Second, how to run a business that has been selected to be successful in a competitive rivalry with the basic perspective of product, price, promotion and distribution to serve the target market.usaha rumahan

In penyususn marketing strategy has two dimensions of the current and future mendatang.Untuk current dimensions related to the relationship that has existed anatara company and its environment. While the dimensions of upcoming covers relations upcoming diharapakankan will be initiated and programs to be undertaken to achieve these objectives.

The understanding of marketing strategies according to experts, include:

Bannett (1988) describe as the best statement menganai how a product for mencapi goal.
Tull and Kahle (1990) define as a very important tool is to achieve objectives that companies had previously planned to develop competitiveness to maleyanai target market.
The marketing strategy is part of a business strategy that provides direction on all management functions of a company.

According orey (in Dolan, 1991) marketing strategy consists of five elements.

Selection of the market, choosing the market / consumers to be served by the product to be produced by the company.
Planning products, such as specifications, advantages of our products from competitors' products, and the clear benefits that will be received when consumers buy our products. Benefits include the name (brand) of the product, availability, warranty, and technical bantua.Manajemen

Pricing, this is very important before we launched the product in the market we should consider carefully cooked. This price should sesesuai with companies select target markets.
The distribution system, the distribution of the products of the company kapada ecer trader or wholesaler until it reaches the hands of the end consumer.
Promotion, this is very important for the sale of products from the company. This promotion can be done through advertising, personal selling, and public relations.
The ability of a company's marketing strategy for menaanggapi changes to the changes in the market and also mempertimangkan teergantun costs on the analysis of several faktok, such as environmental factors, the market, competition, internal capacity analysis, consumer behavior, economic analysis.

How Development Marketing Strategy?

Beginning of the emergence of the concept first discussed the strategy for the Greeks, but more emphasis on the military and not on business. The new business strategy appeared a few centuries later. While the formal strategic planning began in World War II, the account after it there are four phases of development (Schnaars, 1991), namely:

1.Budgeting and Overall Strategy (1950s)
The emergence of modern strategy is characterized by two trends setaleh World War II, namely (1) the development of budgeting techniques (budgeting) and (2) attempt to find a way of integrated enterprise strategy.
Peluang Bisnis


Budgeting is the practice of financial and akutans to allocate funds in a company. In the 1950s there was just the annual budget use of funds for various projects within a company. Making a budget based on careful planning by considering all sales, costs, profits and balance in the short term. Because it is still in a short time it has not been able to reflect the strategy, the emphasis is only on controlling mak. Budgeting can control the operation of a company often disenut basic financial planning (basic financial planning).

b.Pencarian integrated strategy
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In the 1950s the theory bisni each just evolved under each discipline only. Suppose marketing will only discuss a marketing course, as well as with production also just membhasa production only. Each of these disciplines stand alone, without any integration of these functions achieve goals that benefit the company with overall. Because of the needs of their integrated enterprise strategy raises long-term planning.

2.Perencanaan Long Run (1960)
There are factors that affect the transition from budgeting to the long-term planning, namely:

Long Term Budgeting a.Konsekuensi

The annual budgeting decision has the effect of one year more to the company. Suppose the company fund its new project, the results of the funding will be felt a few years later. Therefore, annual budgeting is developing into a longer-term planning.

b.Minat the Goals and Objectives

Interest in creating a strategy for the company, which terintegrasidifokuskan on establishing goals and objectives objectively. Badgeting simple push to respond to the overall company.

The formation tendency Konglemerasi
This Konglemerasi complicate the allocation of funds the company needs. Basically the company to pursue berg = like different businesses but Risk Management is not familiar with the specifications and potential of each business.

Resource Allocation
As akaibat of konglemerasi it was not clear which businesses will be given substantial funding and which ones memproleh fewer funds. In 1960 terjado sekonomi boom so that it appears a lot of new business opportunities, but not all of the opportunities inventasi funded because of the limited funds available. Since the company semakinkompleks in operations that run the more required systematic planning. This encourages long-term planning, which has two characteristics, namely:
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Goals and Objectives
Karakteristinya is the mission, goals and suggestions. This objective ditetepakan by top management and communicated to all members of the company. The strategy is designed for the purpose memeproleh ,. Goals and a purpose is a contribution to the long-term planning.

Long-Term Forecasting
In 1960 the long-term planning based on long-term forecasting. Before doing long-term planning will be done in advance forecasting new ditetapka appropriate planning forecasting results.

3.The formula Planning (1970s)
Formala planning meruapak kosep consistent and understandable to allocate resources Adaiah companies. There are various formulas planning this but the most famous or the most digunaka is the Boston Consulting Group's Growth-Share Matrix (BCG) 2.
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4.Strategic Thinking (1980s)
Strategic thinking was first put forward by Poter. Strategic thinking meruapak alternative for people who perceive stategic planning obsolete. Strategic thinkng create new trends, such as:

The transition from forecasting to competitive advantage
The transition of elitism becomes Egalitaranism
Peralhan competitors become competitors and customers
The transition from the calculation (calculation) into creativity
The transition from rigid to be flexible

The Easy Way To Purchase Decision Making

Based on the purpose of purchase, consumers can be classified into two: the final consumer (individual) and organisional consumers (industrial consumers, businesses). Consumers end consists of individuals or households that have the purpose of purchase is used for subsistence and consumed not to be traded back. While consumers organisional consists of organizations, industries that the purpose of the purchase is used for business purposes (profit / gain) or in other words that the purchased goods will be reprocessed for sale to the final consumer. That would be the cycle of mutual need between the end consumer with consumers organisional, because the ultimate consumer requires goods that have been finished or ready to eat. In line with the type of consumer then found also the type of goods or products that are traded are consumer goods and industrial goods. Because in this discussion focused on the end consumer, the strategy will be discussed aimed at the end consumer satisfaction purposes.manajemen keuangan

In the purchase of consumer goods often involves two or more parties to take a decision whether to buy or not? For example, when we will memebeli a leptop while we are ordinary people, we shall be asking for help to people who know about the specs and price when buying leptop leptop so that we do not Mersa harmed. As for the role of the consumer to make a decision to buy or not the product or goods, namely:

Pemrakasa, the person who first realized that there was an unmet need that had the idea to buy goods or services to meet their needs.
Influencers, people who give advice or opinions to influence purchasing decisions.
Decision-makers, that is, those who mengamabil purchasing decisions, eg whether so to purchase, what items to buy, how to buy.
The buyer, that is, those who do the actual purchase transaction.
Pamakai, that is, those who mengkonsumasi or use goods or services that have been purchased.
The decision making process is very varied, according to Hawkins et al. (1992) and Engel (et al. (1990) divides decision-making into three types, namely, decision-making wide (extended decision making), decision-making is limited (limited decision making ) and habitual decision making (habitual decision making).

Comprehensive decision-making process is a kind of decision-making of the most complete, starting from the introduction of consumer problems that can be solved from the purchase of some products. Kosumen will find information about products or specific brands and re-evaluate how well each of these alternatives can in order to solve the problem. Comprehensive decision making occurs when there is a special interest for the consumer, or a decision that requires a high level of engagement.strategi pemasaran

The second is the decision-making process is limited, limited decision-making process that occurs when consumers are familiar with the problem, then evaluate several alternative products or brands berdasarakan pengetehuannya without any effort (or just melakuka effort sedikt) seeking information about the product. This is usually done for the purchase of products that are routinely purchased. For example, when we are looking to buy something while we are bored with the brands that we often buy, or because there is a similar new product.

The decision making process is a habit that is both the simplest decision, consumers figure out the problem and then immediately buy the products or goods pleasures without any prior evaluation. This evaluation will only be applied when the goods or products they want are not in accordance with expectations. For example, when we are going to buy instant noodles surely we would only buy based on the brand that we enjoy just pdahal still many alternatives other brands.

A purchase decision has not been completed after a purchase transaction, but will be followed on after purchasing behavior (especially the comprehensive decision). If consumers feel satisfaction or dissatisfaction it will influence subsequent behavior. If consumers feel satisfied, then the consumer has the opportunity to re-purchase or buy the same product at the same company in the future anyway. Consumers who are satisfied will usually release information to others that the product or the brand and the company was good. Therefore a lot of companies or organizations that have a motto (take line) customer satisfaction is the main thing, because it will also memepengaruhi psychology of consumers from the consumer to purchase the product on the company.cara membuat instagram

Well that was a bit of an explanation of a simple way to making a purchase decision. May be useful for so much and I'll see you there next article thanks.