Thursday, May 12, 2016

Concept Marketing How To Succeed?

Every management has contributed to the current strategic planning. Marketing has the greatest role tehadap external environment (consumer), whereas a company only has a bit of the external control. Therefore marketing has an important perananan in pengembagang strategy. Marketing has a role to covers every effort to achieve conformity between companies and consumers to provide remedies to consider two main issues.bisnis rumahan

First, what kind of business will be done today and also the type of business that will be accessible in the future.
Second, how to run a business that has been selected to be successful in a competitive rivalry with the basic perspective of product, price, promotion and distribution to serve the target market.usaha rumahan

In penyususn marketing strategy has two dimensions of the current and future mendatang.Untuk current dimensions related to the relationship that has existed anatara company and its environment. While the dimensions of upcoming covers relations upcoming diharapakankan will be initiated and programs to be undertaken to achieve these objectives.

The understanding of marketing strategies according to experts, include:

Bannett (1988) describe as the best statement menganai how a product for mencapi goal.
Tull and Kahle (1990) define as a very important tool is to achieve objectives that companies had previously planned to develop competitiveness to maleyanai target market.
The marketing strategy is part of a business strategy that provides direction on all management functions of a company.

According orey (in Dolan, 1991) marketing strategy consists of five elements.

Selection of the market, choosing the market / consumers to be served by the product to be produced by the company.
Planning products, such as specifications, advantages of our products from competitors' products, and the clear benefits that will be received when consumers buy our products. Benefits include the name (brand) of the product, availability, warranty, and technical bantua.Manajemen

Pricing, this is very important before we launched the product in the market we should consider carefully cooked. This price should sesesuai with companies select target markets.
The distribution system, the distribution of the products of the company kapada ecer trader or wholesaler until it reaches the hands of the end consumer.
Promotion, this is very important for the sale of products from the company. This promotion can be done through advertising, personal selling, and public relations.
The ability of a company's marketing strategy for menaanggapi changes to the changes in the market and also mempertimangkan teergantun costs on the analysis of several faktok, such as environmental factors, the market, competition, internal capacity analysis, consumer behavior, economic analysis.