Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Easy Way To Purchase Decision Making

Based on the purpose of purchase, consumers can be classified into two: the final consumer (individual) and organisional consumers (industrial consumers, businesses). Consumers end consists of individuals or households that have the purpose of purchase is used for subsistence and consumed not to be traded back. While consumers organisional consists of organizations, industries that the purpose of the purchase is used for business purposes (profit / gain) or in other words that the purchased goods will be reprocessed for sale to the final consumer. That would be the cycle of mutual need between the end consumer with consumers organisional, because the ultimate consumer requires goods that have been finished or ready to eat. In line with the type of consumer then found also the type of goods or products that are traded are consumer goods and industrial goods. Because in this discussion focused on the end consumer, the strategy will be discussed aimed at the end consumer satisfaction purposes.manajemen keuangan

In the purchase of consumer goods often involves two or more parties to take a decision whether to buy or not? For example, when we will memebeli a leptop while we are ordinary people, we shall be asking for help to people who know about the specs and price when buying leptop leptop so that we do not Mersa harmed. As for the role of the consumer to make a decision to buy or not the product or goods, namely:

Pemrakasa, the person who first realized that there was an unmet need that had the idea to buy goods or services to meet their needs.
Influencers, people who give advice or opinions to influence purchasing decisions.
Decision-makers, that is, those who mengamabil purchasing decisions, eg whether so to purchase, what items to buy, how to buy.
The buyer, that is, those who do the actual purchase transaction.
Pamakai, that is, those who mengkonsumasi or use goods or services that have been purchased.
The decision making process is very varied, according to Hawkins et al. (1992) and Engel (et al. (1990) divides decision-making into three types, namely, decision-making wide (extended decision making), decision-making is limited (limited decision making ) and habitual decision making (habitual decision making).

Comprehensive decision-making process is a kind of decision-making of the most complete, starting from the introduction of consumer problems that can be solved from the purchase of some products. Kosumen will find information about products or specific brands and re-evaluate how well each of these alternatives can in order to solve the problem. Comprehensive decision making occurs when there is a special interest for the consumer, or a decision that requires a high level of engagement.strategi pemasaran

The second is the decision-making process is limited, limited decision-making process that occurs when consumers are familiar with the problem, then evaluate several alternative products or brands berdasarakan pengetehuannya without any effort (or just melakuka effort sedikt) seeking information about the product. This is usually done for the purchase of products that are routinely purchased. For example, when we are looking to buy something while we are bored with the brands that we often buy, or because there is a similar new product.

The decision making process is a habit that is both the simplest decision, consumers figure out the problem and then immediately buy the products or goods pleasures without any prior evaluation. This evaluation will only be applied when the goods or products they want are not in accordance with expectations. For example, when we are going to buy instant noodles surely we would only buy based on the brand that we enjoy just pdahal still many alternatives other brands.

A purchase decision has not been completed after a purchase transaction, but will be followed on after purchasing behavior (especially the comprehensive decision). If consumers feel satisfaction or dissatisfaction it will influence subsequent behavior. If consumers feel satisfied, then the consumer has the opportunity to re-purchase or buy the same product at the same company in the future anyway. Consumers who are satisfied will usually release information to others that the product or the brand and the company was good. Therefore a lot of companies or organizations that have a motto (take line) customer satisfaction is the main thing, because it will also memepengaruhi psychology of consumers from the consumer to purchase the product on the company.cara membuat instagram

Well that was a bit of an explanation of a simple way to making a purchase decision. May be useful for so much and I'll see you there next article thanks.